All our Tip Top® breads have a Softness Guarantee


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Oatilicious with Grains & Seeds

Oatilicious with Grains and Seeds is packed with 23% wholegrains. Taste the natural goodness of smooth oats, grains and seeds in a soft and delicious slice. Grab a loaf and give it a try.

Supersoft White Toast

Tip Top White Toast is a delicious soft white loaf that the whole family can enjoy.

Supersoft White Sandwich

The nation’s favourite go-to white bread for wrapping around anything and everything, from snarlers to chip butties.

Supersoft White Super Thick

Much like our treasured Supersoft white, but with extra thickness to hold your baked beans or spaghetti.

Supersoft High Fibre

High Fibre White has 3 x the fibre of our regular Supersoft White Toast in every Supersoft slice. Whatever your family, add a Supersoft sandwich to their lunchbox, to keep them going for the afternoon.

Supersoft Honeygrain Toast

Our Supersoft Honeygrain Toast is packed with all the good things you’re looking for in a loaf of bread.

Supersoft Multigrain Toast

The classic Kiwi bread that has a taste of home in every slice.

Supersoft Wholemeal Toast

The ideal bread to enjoy with your favourite sandwiches and toasties.

Oatilicious Toast

Looks like normal white bread, but secretly crammed with oats, B vitamins and dietary fibre giving you 20% of your daily wholegrains.

Oatilicous Sandwich Slice

Looks like normal white bread, but secretly crammed with oats, B vitamins and dietary fibre giving you 20% of your daily wholegrains.

Oatilicious Superthick

Looks like normal white bread, but it’s secretly crammed with goodness.

Café Olive Oil and Sea Salt English Muffins

Enjoy our Olive Oil & Sea Salt English Muffins. The Olive Oil gives the muffins a beautiful soft texture, and the hint of Sea Salt makes them extra delicious.

Café Aged Cheddar English Muffins

Indulge in the rich, cheesy taste of our delicious Aged Cheddar flavoured English Muffins Serve.

Spicy Fruit Loaf

Try waking up to the mouth watering aroma of lightly toasted Spicy Fruit Loaf.

Oatilicious Burger Buns

Wholesome, oaty burger buns that contain wholegrains and fibre, but none of the bits.

Oatilicious Long Rolls

Just like our Oatilicious Burger Buns, only longer. They’re rolls that contain wholegrains and fibre but none of the bits.

Supersoft Sesame Burger Buns

A supersoft Kiwi classic that’s sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds and ready to be filled with all the family favourites.

Supersoft Sesame Long Rolls

A classic Kiwi long roll that’s sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Supersoft Sesame King Buns

If you love the idea of a supersized, supersoft bun sprinkled with delicious sesame seeds, then our Supersoft Sesame King buns are for you.

Supersoft White Long Rolls

Lightly toasted as a hotdog or filled with your favourite ingredients, our Supersoft White Long Rolls are a tasty addition to any meal.

Supersoft White King Buns

Deliciously soft King sized hamburger buns that are conveniently sliced and ready to be devoured.

Supersoft Hot Dog Rolls

A big Kiwi favourite, enjoy a delicious hot dog with our delightful Hot Dog Rolls.

Supersoft White Burger Buns

Fill that empty stomach with a Supersoft White Burger Bun. Top with spaghetti and cheese or traditional burger ingredients to create a meal that really satisfies.

Deluxe Burger Buns

Five and a half inches of lightly corn dusted Deluxe Burger Bun goodness. Yum.